Sketchfab Link To Model As part of my Advanced 3d I decided to make a Spitfire model. I decided to go medium poly, a model with efficient topology but still a high level of detail via normal maps done in substance painter. I wanted the model to be as accurate and faithful to the real … More Spitfire

Pyramiden SCRUM meetings

To keep track of what everyone is up to and to ensure everyone is doing something, we held daily meetings, known as SCRUM meetings. Everyone, daily, would have to write down what they had done yesterday, what they were planning on doing today, and any problems they had run into.  

Pyramiden Contributions

During production, my primary role was technical lead. I was tasked with organising the programmers and making sure everything worked right. I wrote scripts which became the technical backbone of the game, such as the interact script which managed everything the player can interact with, while keeping things organised by calling functions from scripts made … More Pyramiden Contributions

Pyramiden: Final

Pyramiden has been played and criticised by my peers and lecturers. Although the game wasn’t entirely finished and in the state we wanted, the game was entirely playable from start to finish and gave a good idea of what the game would look and play like when completed. Main criticisms of the game were the … More Pyramiden: Final

High Poly Workflow

High Poly modelling. Because high poly modelling is very different to low poly, the resulting workflows are very different, and should be approached in different ways. One of the main reasons for this is that when modelling low poly models you are often working a few hundred to a few thousand, sometimes a few tens … More High Poly Workflow