SWOT 23/06/17 (End of Year)

Strengths: Efficient 3d Modelling. Level Design. Shader Creation. Programming. Logic. Weaknesses: Sound/Music. Complex Animation. Easily Distracted. Character modelling. Opportunities: Lecturers. Online Tutorials. Practice in spare time. Threats: Parents who don’t understand that things take time. Possibility of my content not being successful. Post College: I’m still not certain about what I’d like to do when … More SWOT 23/06/17 (End of Year)

Bioshock Analysis

Summary of Bioshock Bioshock is a game based in the year 1960. The game features a protagonist named Jack who survives a plane crash into the Atlantic Ocean, but finds the entrance to a huge underwater city known as Rapture. When Jack arrives, Rapture is falling apart as everyone is addicted to ‘Adam’ which is … More Bioshock Analysis

Industry Contacts

Over our course we have made contact with various people from the industry itself via Skype or a presentation in-person. This has been a good time to ask questions about the industry and get tips of what they are looking for and how to get a potential job. Chillingo Skype call We had a skype … More Industry Contacts

Representation of gender, race, and culture.

Videogames have always been subject to controversy, whether it’s for ethical or moral reasons, or how things in the game are represented. I will be analysing the Assassins Creed series for it’s use of many unique characters from around the world. Before I begin going into detail, it’s worth mentioning that Ubisoft has a disclaimer when … More Representation of gender, race, and culture.

Belbin’s Team Roles

Today we learned about Belbin’s theory of team roles and how every team is usually comprised of people from each of the following categories. After completing a questionnaire on teamwork that helped identify our personal strengths and weaknesses, I decided that the role the best suited me was ‘Shaper’. Interestingly, I was the only student … More Belbin’s Team Roles