Box Boy Rig

The purpose of the box boy rig is to experiment with setting up a character and posing/animating using splines as helpers. The character is a bunch of simple geometry arranged to resemble a person. Because each body part is a separate object as opposed to one large mesh, each body part will have to be … More Box Boy Rig

3ds Max: Spaceship

“The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t” For further practice of using edit poly on 3ds Max, we decided to make a spaceship. I decided to make a spaceship that I could place in the space shooter that I’ve been working on. As inspiration for creating a spaceship, … More 3ds Max: Spaceship

3ds Max: Pokemon

As a basic introduction to 3d modelling, we were asked to create an original pokemon from scratch using standard primitives and the edit poly modifier. The idea that I decided to develop was known simply as the “Aubergenie” – a combination of an aubergine and a genie. An important part of any genie is its … More 3ds Max: Pokemon