3D Theory

A quick look into the theory of 3D space. … More 3D Theory


High Poly Workflow

High Poly modelling. Because high poly modelling is very different to low poly, the resulting workflows are very different, and should be approached in different ways. One of the main reasons for this is that when modelling low poly models you are often working a few hundred to a few thousand, sometimes a few tens … More High Poly Workflow

SWOT 23/06/17 (End of Year)

Strengths: Efficient 3d Modelling. Level Design. Shader Creation. Programming. Logic. Weaknesses: Sound/Music. Complex Animation. Easily Distracted. Character modelling. Opportunities: Lecturers. Online Tutorials. Practice in spare time. Threats: Parents who don’t understand that things take time. Possibility of my content not being successful. Post College: I’m still not certain about what I’d like to do when … More SWOT 23/06/17 (End of Year)

Box Boy Rig

The purpose of the box boy rig is to experiment with setting up a character and posing/animating using splines as helpers. The character is a bunch of simple geometry arranged to resemble a person. Because each body part is a separate object as opposed to one large mesh, each body part will have to be … More Box Boy Rig

Animation reference

Animation references are one of the most important things to have on hand when animating. Animation references are things to refer to while animating to get things looking as close to the real thing as possible. Below is a reference I created of me vaulting over a wall. It includes all the key poses so … More Animation reference