Bioshock/Bioshock Infinite comparison

Bioshock Summary

Bioshock is an FPS game based in 1960. The game features a protagonist named Jack who survives a plane crash into the Atlantic Ocean, but finds the entrance to a huge underwater city known as Rapture. When Jack arrives, Rapture is falling apart as everyone is addicted to ‘Adam’ which is a substance obtained from a type of sea slug, that allows people to obtain super-human powers such as casting lightning from your fingers by modifying your own genetic code. Adam quickly became an addiction and drove the population mad, the main reason Rapture is in the state its in.

Infinite Summary.

Bioshock infinite is an FPS game set in 1912. The game’s protagonist is Booker DeWitt, who is offered a deal to wipe away his gambling debts if he goes to a steampunk flying city called Columbia and retrieves a girl imprisoned there. He is called the false shepherd by the people of Columbia, and suddenly everyone is trying to kill him. He gets involved in a war between two factions. The girl, Elizabeth, is capable of opening “Tears”, a rip in space and time which reveals an alternate universe which allows her to bring things into their universe from seemingly nothing.

Theme Comparison.

Although the two games are set in different locations, different time periods, and does not directly tie to eachother’s stories (The DLC however, does) there are similar themes; the main being ‘Choice’. In bioshock 1, the theme is presented by narrative. For example, “A man chooses, a slave obeys” is a commonly used phrase by Andrew Ryan, while proving that the player has no choice when told to do something via the magic words “Would you kindly”. Infinite however, gives the player choices which can affect the story, like choosing the bird or cage brooch.

Aesthetically, the two games are almost polar opposites. Infinite is very bright, has many references to american patriotism and religion, while Bioshock is a lot darker, has 1960’s retro art deco architecture. Infinite’s art style may be bright and happy but the player soon realises that this has been twisted.


Despite the changes in story and art style, the core gameplay is very similar. Bioshock Infinite ditched he hacking mechanic, but the first person shooter elements remain the same. The player has a selection of unique weaponry and superhuman abilities to fight off the bad guys with, although they go by different names; Adam/Salts, Plasmids/Vigors.


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