Bioshock Analysis

Summary of Bioshock

Bioshock is a game based in the year 1960. The game features a protagonist named Jack who survives a plane crash into the Atlantic Ocean, but finds the entrance to a huge underwater city known as Rapture. When Jack arrives, Rapture is falling apart as everyone is addicted to ‘Adam’ which is something that allows people to obtain super-human powers such as casting lightning from your fingers. Adam quickly became an addiction and drove the population mad, the main reason Rapture is in the dire state it is in.

Age Demographics

The Bioshock demographic averages around
25-34 This statistic is from the renowned Youtuber known as
Total Biscuit. The view statistic on the video
he made about Bioshock does not perfectly
represent the games demographic however
(due to Total Biscuit’s demographic) and so I would probably say the age demographic is lower than this. The age and amount of people in this room who have played it leads me to believe that there are younger people who have played the game than this statistic says.

Although the age rating is 18, I believe there is younger people who play this game.

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