VFX Glossary

Nodes – Nodes are used in Nuke’s Node Graph to modify sources. Everything you will be doing will involve nodes, everything from Merging, to Color corrections, to Roto. Nodes should always feed into the ‘B Pipe’ and plug into the viewer. To create a node, press Tab in the Node Graph and use the search to find the node you need.
Merge – Merging is used to combine two sources together, whether it’s be directly layering one on top of the other, multiplying the colour values by eachother, adding the colour values together or the difference between the two. This something you will be doing often.
Roto/Prep/Matchmove – See my post on Rotoscoping for that. Prepping is the stage in which the plate is modified to make it usable for compositing, it is his task to clean plate, as frames need to be tweaked to make them usable, having wires and object removed etc. Matchmoving is used to match the camera motion in 3d space using markers or points in a scene
Garbage Matte – A Garbage Matte is used to quickly and roughly isolate part of a composition.
Pulling a Matte – This is essentially creating an alpha mask using a keyer. When footage is filmed, it has RGB and nothing else. Pulling a matte fixes this by creating an alpha which can be used. Often used with greenscreen.
Plates – Plates are simply raw footage taken straight from the camera usually in still image form.
Clean Plating – Clean plating is taking film plates and removing anything which is unwanted. For example, a shot may have an object which must be removed, or wires/harnesses removed from a prop or actor, along with any markers used for matchmoving. Sometimes even people should be removed from a plate, or if the sound guy’s boom accidentally appears.

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