Videogame Controversy

For this session, the game I decided to have a look at Hatred, a 2015 top-down shoot ’em up.

Hatred is a game developed by a studio known as ‘Destructive Creations’ and was designed to be controversial from the start.

In 2014, a trailer was released showing a misanthropic sociopath picking up an arsenal of weaponry while talking about his hatred for society and how “no life is worth saving” before beginning a “Genocide Crusade”

Because it was developed by an indie studio, it had to get through steam greenlight but was temporarily banned and removed by valve because of how unethical the game was. However, there was come backlash from accusations of “Corporate censorship” and it was brought back onto the site and Gabe Newell apologised.

ESRB rated the game ‘AO’ for Adults only, and is the only game of this rating on Steam. After the game was brought back to steam, Twitch TV refused to allow people to stream games with an AO rating. AO rated games are extremely rare, and usually only get this from including extreme sexual content.

Because of its rating, game retailers refuse to sell it, platforms such as Xbox and Playstation refuse to support it, often meaning commercial death for the title.

The game was met with negative reviews, Gamespot giving it a 3/10, Destructoid and Game informer giving it a 5.5, and IGN not reviewing it at all.

Another game we decided to look at was South Park: The stick of truth.

Philip and I combined both of our work together to create a powerpoint to present, and the following was his contribution:
South park the stick of truth is an RPG based on the south park tv show. In this game you battle children npcs who are role playing as classes in factions. The faction you start in is the kingdom of kooper keep or KKK for short. You are fighting the elves to get back the stick but end up working with them to get the stick back from Clyde who no one likes. At the same time you are fighting a zombie Nazi plague created by an alien ship crashing into earth. Your mute character is called the dragonborn as you are able to use amazing fart shouts without any training. You are given a choice to name your character but it will instantly be changed to douchebag, you are later given titles like sir, commander and king douchebag.  Your character has one line at the end that is “Screw you guys, I’m going home.”

The game makes fun of things like disabled people, Nazis, abortion, Canadians, sex, violence, ginger haired people as well as several other controversial topics. The game was not banned from any countries even though it did have so much controversy (this was most likely because of its cartoonish nature). Instead certain scenes were removed from the European console versions by the games producers Ubisoft but the pc version and the console versions that weren’t in Europe were left unchanged. The game has a mature age rating. Unlike games like gta v or saints row, this game was made this controversial to stick with the theme of the tv show. For those of you still interested a sequel is coming out in early 2017 called south park: The fractured but whole TM.

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