Industry Contacts

Over our course we have made contact with various people from the industry itself via Skype or a presentation in-person. This has been a good time to ask questions about the industry and get tips of what they are looking for and how to get a potential job.

Chillingo Skype call

We had a skype call from Andy Needham of Chillingo; A mobile game publisher based in the UK owned by Electronic Arts. Andy told us about what kinds of things they are looking for when publishing a game

Framestore Skype call

As part of our course, we had a skype call with Framestore

Antimatter visit

We had a visit by Jack from Antimatter games – The people behind Red Orchestra 2 Rising Storm 1 and 2. Jack told us about the process of making the game in a team with different people having different roles, all being overseen by a lead who tells them what’s good and what should be improved. Along with telling us about the game making itself, he gave us some portfolio advice and told us what things a games company looks for in a person, such as their ability to work in a team, accept that your ideas may not be accepted, and not consider yourself better than everyone else because when you start you’ll be the least experienced out of the team.


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