3ds Max: Pokemon

As a basic introduction to 3d modelling, we were asked to create an original pokemon from scratch using standard primitives and the edit poly modifier.

The idea that I decided to develop was known simply as the “Aubergenie” – a combination of an aubergine and a genie.

An important part of any genie is its lamp. lampTo create this I took the base teapot, stretched out various parts of the model, deleted the lid entirely and modelled my own from what was left of the body via extruding and scaling. The base also got a full redo. I also tool the handle and extruded, rotated, scaled etc until it resembled that of a lamp. I applied smoothing groups to parts of the model in order to make it appear smooth instead of blocky. I also scaled out the spout, but I think I may have been better off just extruding from the body of the lamp. To model the body, I used soft selection for greater control over larger areas – this allows me to move multiple vertices smoothly within a falloff by moving one vertex.

Next for the genie itself. The primitive I decided to use as a base was the capsule because it gave me a shape that vaguely resembled an aubergine – a long body with curves at either end. genieUsing edit poly, I scaled one end to be larger than the other before using the connect tool to create 2 rows of vertices where the leaves and stalk should be. I then selected the faces below the lower line of vertices and scaled them up. In order to give the aubergine it’s curve, I used the bend tool along the z axis, direction 90. To create the mouth, I created more vertices using the connect tool and extruded the faces in between inwards with aid of the edges from the capsule. To create the teeth, I used inset on the indentation of the mouth, scaled it, and extruded inwards. The beard was simple, I just used edges from the capsule, mouth, and added a few more via connect and extruded them outwards. I then extruded the bottom of the beard outwards. The vertices at the top to the beard were reconnected to the capsule via the target weld tool, and I made the beard pointy by using the same tool to connect 5 vertices to one.
The eyes were simply two geospheres with two materials applied to them, while the eyebrows were two cuboids experiencing the almighty bend modifier. The ears were just extrusions from the main capsule blocked into the rough shape, inset and extruded inwards before being tessellated and smoothed. The earrings were just two tori, nothing special.

Next we added a camera and some lights to the scene. I added a few standard spotlights with targets and a few omni lights.
This is how it looks rendered:aubergenie


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