3ds Max: Modify Stack

The modify stack in 3ds allows you to layer different modifiers on top of eachother.
For example, you can add an edit poly modifier, then stack a bend modifier to bend everything below it. Let me show you some features!


Here are a few cool modifiers available in 3ds max.:

Edit Poly: I explained this in my previous post.

Melt: This is a badass modifier that simulates a model made of ice or jelly being melted.

Bend: Bends a model from top to bottom along an axis. You will need quite a few edges for this to work properly.

Unwrap UVW: This is important. This modifier lets you modify the UV’s of a model. Crucial if you want to add textures or import it into a game engine.

Symmetry: This mirrors the model along an axis. This means that if you want a symmetrical model, you will only need to modify one side of the model – as the other side is automatically updated in realtime. Also works with UV Unwrapping.

Cool and nice.

Creating multiple edit poly modifiers can essentially act as a sort of quicksave – allowing you to revert back to a previous edit poly if you make a mistake.

The modify stack always works from the bottom up, with modifiers places at the bottom taking effect first, and the modifier at the top being applied last. For example, if you create a cuboid with 5 height segments and apply a bend modifier, you can bend the cuboid. Applying an edit poly modifier after will let you modify the bent cuboid, while applying one before the bend will bend the poly-edited cuboid because the bend is after the edit poly in the stack.

Once you have multiple modifiers in the stack and decide to edit a previous modifier you can click on it. While editing it, there is a button below the stack, right of the pin icon and labelled ‘Show end result on/off toggle’, that lets you turn off or on the modifiers above the one you’re editing. This can be especially useful when using turbosmooth for example as this lets you edit the unsmoothed mesh and quickly enable/disable turbosmooth to see the final result.

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